Thread Labs 1.6
Thread Labs 1.6
Thread Labs 1.6
Thread Labs 1.6

Thread Labs 1.6


Thread Labs 1.0 is a six part series that tells the story of Aurifil– from a shared celebration of our 40th anniversary, to our history and unique production process, to an in-depth education on our revered threads. From July through December of last year, subscribers gained all the necessary tools to more confidently create with a variety of thread weights and techniques, finishing the year inspired, armed with new skills and a wealth of knowledge. 

These boxes are now available to purchase separately, giving unique access to a wonderful and creative thread education. Each box contains a range of thread in a featured thread weight + a postcard with details to access a secure digital portal which holds exclusive patterns, educational & interview videos, and more!

Thread Labs 1.6 | Cotton Floss / Embroidery & Cross Stitch

Featured Educators: Susan Ache & Aneela Hoey
In the box:

  • 16 x Small Spools of Floss for Cross Stitch & Embroidery: 1104, 1133, 2220, 2420, 2425, 5015, 5022, 6730, 1148, 2140, 2270, 2882, 2830, 4093, 5018, 2130 (2425 is used in both projects, 2130 is a bonus color!)

Key Digital Assets: 

  • VIDEO: Floss Education with Karen L. Miller
  • VIDEO: Interview with Susan Ache
  • PDF: Interview with Aneela Hoey
  • PDF: Honeycomb Embroidery by Aneela Hoey
  • PDF: Joy to the World Cross Stitch by Susan Ache